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                      Adding refining agent is beneficial to metal smelting

                      • 2019-10-18
                      • 848

                      Refining agent can be widely used in metal smelting and casting industry. It is compounded by many elements. After adding, it is more conducive to metal smelting. It is difficult to deoxidize, desulfurize, dephosphorize and degasify in the process of smelting metal. Now, with a refining agent, all kinds of impurities can be effectively removed to make the metal more pure.

                      Adding refining agent is more beneficial to metal smelting

                      If the gas and impurities are not removed in time in the smelting process, defects such as porosity, crack, cold insulation, shrinkage porosity will appear, which will lead to the decline of product quality. The addition of refining agent can eliminate the technical deficiencies in the process of metal casting, refine the grains, enhance the fluidity of metal, and eliminate the impurities in the molten metal in time.

                      In addition, various oxides, sulfides, silicates, etc. will be mixed in the metal during the smelting process. These impurities can be removed after being added to improve the mechanical properties of the metal. In the smelting process, if the liquid metal contacts with the atmosphere, there will be porosity defects, so the gas in the liquid metal should be removed in time to improve its mechanical properties.

                      The addition can purify the molten metal and eliminate the waste gas in time, which has the obvious functions of deoxidation, desulfurization and dephosphorization, so as to reduce the impurity content in the melt. The residue can be separated by adding the refining agent, and the waste gas can be effectively eliminated by mixing with the liquid to prevent pinholes. In addition, the defects such as slag inclusion, ash inclusion, porosity, nodulation and cold shut can be avoided.

                      The refining agent needs to be used according to the conventional method, because the amount of refining agent is relatively small, so the existing reduction and deoxidization processes cannot be expected. If there is crust and slag on the surface during smelting, the surface scum shall be removed in time before pouring.


                      period 2019.10.18