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                      Instructions for use of degassing refining agent

                      • 2019-10-18
                      • 901

                      The surface of degassing refining agent is white, which can refine copper alloy and magnesium alloy in smelting, effectively remove non-metallic inclusions, remove other metal impurities, and improve casting quality.

                      The use of degassing refining agent can effectively remove hydrogen, oxide inclusions and other inclusions in the aluminum liquid, improve the quality of castings, facilitate the use and obvious degassing effect. After refining, the slag is powdery and easy to be removed. After final treatment, the hydrogen content of aluminum liquid is less than or equal to 0.1ml/100g Al, the content of inclusions (A12O3) is reduced by more than 20%, the defects of inclusions in castings are reduced by 50%, and the macroporosity of aluminum castings is grade I.

                      It mainly produces advanced production technology and sophisticated modern testing equipment of metal flux, aluminum alloy element additive and aluminum intermediate alloy, casting aluminum alloy, copper and zinc alloy flux. The well-trained staff and the establishment of the international quality system ensure the excellent quality of the products. With the continuous improvement of customers' requirements for the production environment, our company updates all products and produces a new generation of environmental protection and efficient products, which greatly meets the customers' high requirements for environmental protection.