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                      What is the function of aluminum refining agent

                      • 2019-10-18
                      • 867

                      Aluminum refining agent is white powder line, granular, after a variety of inorganic salt drying treatment in accordance with a certain mixture ratio, plays a very important role in the process of aluminum smelting. What are the specific functions of aluminum refiners? The following is a detailed description of Jinlong aluminum.

                      The aluminum refining agent is mainly used to remove the hydrogen and floating oxide inclusions in the aluminum liquid, which can make the aluminum liquid more pure and also has the function of slag removal. Some members of aluminum refining agent are easy to decompose at high temperature, and the generated gas can react with hydrogen, and can strongly adsorb slag inclusion, and quickly escape from the melt, which plays a role of slag removal.

                      Aluminum refining agent can be used in all kinds of aluminum alloy, if the alloy with high magnesium element and aluminum magnesium alloy can not be used. It can be used for smelting pure aluminum, refining and slag cleaning. When using, it only needs to sprinkle the refining agent on the surface, and then the refining agent will dissolve in the aluminum liquid quickly, and then fully mix. With the aid of an injector, the effect of injecting the refining agent with inert gas will be better, for example, nitrogen and argon can be selected.

                      Special attention shall be paid when spraying. At the beginning, the gas shall be opened before powder supply, and at the end, the powder shall be cut before gas stop, so as to prevent the aluminum refining agent from blocking the nozzle. If the aluminum refining agent is found to be damp or caking, it can be used after unpacking and drying in the sun.

                      Enough aluminum refining agent should be added to the surface of the aluminum liquid, so that the surface of the aluminum liquid can be covered evenly, and the aluminum liquid can not be oxidized by air. The quantity to be added needs to be added according to the proportion.