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                      For the introduction of refining agent, friends who don't know can help

                      • 2019-10-18
                      • 881

                      Around us, we will use a variety of metal products, common steel products, and aluminum products. Many families will use aluminum profiles in the process of decoration, and refining agents will be added in the process of smelting aluminum. What is the function of the refining agent? Why do you want to add refining agent? Presumably, this is a concern of many friends. Let's learn more about refining agent.

                      Introduction to refining agent related knowledge:

                      When you get the refining agent, you will find that it is a kind of white powder or particle solvent. Its main function is to remove the hydrogen in the aluminum liquid and the floating oxidation slag. It is composed of a variety of inorganic salts in a certain proportion. It is easy to decompose under high temperature. The generated gas is easy to mix with hydrogen grave, and the adsorption capacity of slag inclusion is strong. Therefore, many large-scale aluminum products manufacturers will use the refining agent, which plays an important role.

                      Especially in today's society, aluminum products are widely used. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the performance of aluminum products. Aluminum products have good corrosion resistance and strong plasticity, and they are widely used in many bus patterned aluminum plates. We also need to know how to use the refining agent. In the process of using the refining agent, you only need to sprinkle the refining agent on the liquid surface, quickly press it into the aluminum liquid, and then after full mixing, you can use the jet machine to remove the slag.

                      Do you know the relevant knowledge of refining agent? The refining agent is mainly used to remove impurities of aluminum liquid, effectively improve the purity of aluminum liquid, and can combine refining with solvent refining, with good degassing effect. When we store the refining agent, we should pay special attention to that it can be stored in a dry and tidy place. When using it, we need to isolate the air and keep it in a dry place.